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The Uncompromising Revolution (1988) There's something oddly fascinating about THE UNCOMPROMISING REVOLUTION, that looks at current-day, 30 years after Fidel Castro's nationalist revolution. It shows the people, landscapes, large and small themes, to show the texture of Cuba after three decades of revolution. Weaving together archive footage, occasional flashbacks from earlier Landau pictures, recent personal interviews with Castro and scores of on-the-street and on-location interviews with women, professionals and workers. Landau tries to capture filmically what political scientists have tried to do empirically, that is, to understand Cuba 30 years after the revolution. Unlike his earlier films about Cuba, this one shatters any romantic notions about revolution. Cuba is more like a normal country. Although most people seem thoroughly convinced that the Cuban style of socialism if preferable to any other form of government, it is not any more with the enthusiasm of the years shortly after the revolution. A 102 years-old woman recalls the days of the Spaniards and the arrival of the Americans in 1898. The black and white images of history, marines charging San Juan hill, occupying the island, gambling and having fun in the casino's - make clear why Cubans remember their history and why the Americans and the rest of the world seem to have forgotten it.

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