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Target Nicaragua. Inside a Covert War (1983) Landau filming with Wexler in Nicaragua. The US-instigated war against Nicaragua is, of course, no secret anymore, nor is there much confusion now about the exceptionally dirty and vicious nature of the contra-campaign, although public knowledge about these issues seem to be fading. The reality of the destruction of Nicaraguan society emerges vividly when one actually sees the faces of the victims and hears the explanations of the mercenaries. The film traces the line of responsibility, from the arms dealers who profited from their deals with the contras, to the people in the smart suits in the Pentagon, CIA and the White House. Again it is Haskwell Wexler who is doing the superb photography. In 1983, there was still hope of countering the hit-and-run Low Intensity War. The then consul general of Nicaragua in the USA, said on seeing the film: The US can only win this war if it turns my country into a mass graveyard. In the end that's exactly what happened.

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