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Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang (1980)

Paul Jacobs A poignant and potent political documentary that exposes the government's suppression of the health hazards of low-level radiation. Paul Jacobs is himself a victim of lung cancer, that would kill him before this picture was finished and which his doctors believe he contracted while he was investigating nuclear policies in 1957. He interviews civilians and soldiers, survivors of nuclear experiments in the 50s and 60s, testing the effects of radiation. By the time this film was made, a lot of them had died from the radiation. The footage of an atomic test explosion in Nevada is still of nightmarish beaty. There are also interviews with people who live near and work in several government facilities around the nation, as well as with government scientists, some of whom were fired when their research indicated the dangers of low-level radiation. This film won the 1980 EMMY Award for best TV program, the George F. Polk Award for investigative journalism on TV, the Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award for journalism, and the Mannheim Film Festival first critics' prize. Color. 60 minutes.

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