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Iraq: Voices From the Street (September 2002)

This film joins a U.S. congressional delegation led by Congressman Nick Rahall (D-West Virginia) and former South Dakota Senator James Abourezk, that traveled to Iraq in September 2002 to meet with Sa’doun Hammadi, Speaker of the Iraqi National Assembly and with Tariq Aziz, former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, to discus the re-admission of UN arm inspectors in the hope of averting war. Given the Bush Administration’s repeated demands for a “regime change”, Aziz declares that Iraq seems “doomed if we do, and doomed if we don’t”. Whatever one’s attitude about the U.S. war with Iraq this short film offers a rare chance to hear the views of ordinary Iraqi citizens about the U.S.

Directed by Sonia Angulo and Saul Landau



22 MInutes

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